Come, Children of This Long, Discarded Night

Here’s a link to the new Advent hymn Rebecca Reynolds and I wrote this fall. It will be featured on our hymns record with Jeff Taylor (to be released this spring), but you can listen to it free today on Rabbit Room. Also, if you like it, you can buy it for a dollar.

The Rabbit Room – Come, Children of This Long, Discarded Night.

3 Responses to “Come, Children of This Long, Discarded Night”

  1. Daniel Wheeler Says:


    Great meeting you tonight in boerne. I would have played all night with you of they had not stopped us!

    Send me an email at the address listed here so we can continue that songwriting conversation.

    Keep doing what you do


  2. Chuck Herrick Says:


    You came to Boerne and didn’t tell me?

    Ouch. I am sad.

  3. Gerald Jones Says:

    Hi Ron, Great seeing you in Dallas a few weeks ago. I left a message through your facebook page. Do you think you might be able to teach at my camp August 7-9, 2014? I’ll set the schedule so you as we discussed.


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